Xander Venedam Obituary Merrimack NH Resident Xander Venedam Has Died

Xander Venedam Obituary, Death – On Friday, as we were driving home after attending Xander’s graduation celebration from his vocational program, we were hit head-on by another automobile that had swerved into our lane. Unfortunately, Xander did not make it through the accident. Xander had reached the age of 18 and was on track to finish high school this coming spring. Xander had several interests, including cars, video games, and YouTube, which are all things that a lot of young guys his age like. But over the course of the most recent few years, he had developed a passion for carpentry, and more lately, welding and vehicle repair.

He has spent the last few months working on Fridays at an auto repair business, and he has discovered that he not only enjoys the work, but that he is also very good at picking up new skills very quickly. His coach had a very favorable impression of him. We were quite proud.

Although he kept to himself, Xander had a small but close-knit group of friends at school and was also very highly loved by others outside of that group. Over the course of two days, the kids at the school came together through social media with the intention of wearing red today in remembrance of Xander. They decided on red because Xander was famous for usually wearing a red Deadpool sweatshirt, so that was the color they went with. This sea of red extended beyond the high school, into the schools and childcare centers that were located in the neighboring area, and even as far as Florida. Xander won the hearts of many people and will be remembered fondly for all time.

We are doing quite well, Desiree, Malaki, and I. Malaki is currently at his aunt and uncle’s house relaxing with them. Both Des and I are still in this medical facility. My condition is improving considerably more quickly than anyone anticipated it would given that I was transported to the intensive care unit of the very best hospital in the nation. Because I needed to be with Des, I was relocated back to New Hampshire, and my release could come at any time. Tomorrow, Des will have significant foot surgery, and it is likely that he will be here for several more days recovering from that. I would want to thank everyone for their kindness and the many different ways they have supported me. Love, To Sean, Desiree, and Malaki, on behalf of everyone here

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