Winks Tony Obituary, 82-year-old Winks Tony Has Died

Winks Tony Obituary, 82-year-old Winks Tony Has Died

Winks Tony Obituary, Death – Winks Tony, who had lived for 82 years and passed away on January 2, 2023 at the age of 82 in the Rotherham District General Hospital, did not endure any agony or suffering in the days preceding up to her death. Tony had lived a long life and had reached the age of 82 when she passed away. Tony had a long and fruitful life, and he had attained the age of 82 at this point. Tony lived a long and productive life, and he had reached the age of 82 at this point in time. His life was full of accomplishments. Tony had a long and good life up until the time of her passing at the age of 82; she had a successful and fruitful lifetime up until the time that she passed away.

In addition to being a treasured father and grandfather, he is also a treasured friend and life companion to a significant number of people located in a variety of nations all over the world. These individuals come from all walks of life and hail from all parts of the world. The funeral services for the person who has died away are going to be held at the Rotherham Crematorium on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 4:15 p.m., according to the schedule for the funeral services that has been established. The funeral services will be held for the individual who has passed away. It has been agreed when and where the funeral services will take place, and none of these details can be altered now.

The memorial services for the departed person are going to be planned and organized as soon as possible after the person’s demise. If you would like to make a donation to the British Heart Foundation in place of sending flowers, you may do so by sending your contribution to the following address: 88-90 Worksop Road, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26 4WH. It would be highly appreciated if you would refrain from sending any flowers at this time if you are unable to have a member of the family personally deliver the flowers. If this is the case, you should send no flowers at all.


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