Troy Harrington Obituary, Scott County Iowa, has died – Death

Troy Harrington Obituary, Scott County Iowa, has died - Death

Troy Harrington Obituary, Death – On January 14, 2023, Troy Harrington passed away after a long battle with cancer. He had 53 years of experience to his name. Before Troy Harrington Jr. spent his entire life on the streets of Davenport and became known as the Hardhat Man, he was known simply as Troy. .’s dedicated mother of Angel Pitre (Ralph III), Troy Jr., Tyler, Hanna, Tori, and Amber Harrington, who had passed away. He was devoted to her duty as Troy Harrington, Srwife.

This passage makes a reference to Ava Marie Pitre’s grandmother. Sister of Hattie Nelms and Annzel Gaupp. Before he did, her mother, Hattie Harriet Gaupp, along with her brothers Harrison and Horace Gaupp, all went away. He was the final member of his family to leave this world. Tina committed her entire existence to her family, which included both her children and her husband. He did everything in her ability to ensure that they received the highest quality of care.

In addition to that, he worked for Rocky & Carlos for a total of twenty-five years. He got a lot of satisfaction out of being able to help other people and did so whenever she could, without ever anticipating or demanding anything in exchange for her efforts. All of her loved ones, including her family, her friends, and anybody else who had the privilege of knowing her, will grieve her loss deeply because she was so much liked by each and every one of them.

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