Trent Gregory Obituary, Belton Texas, has died – Death

Trent Gregory Obituary, Belton Texas, has died - Death

Trent Gregory Obituary, Death – Trent Gregory is now working for Soaring… after having moved on in his career. We was fortunate enough to meet him shortly after he arrived at Ellison High School and have a conversation with him. We became quick friends when we had an instant connection with one another. He asked me to assist him in bringing the Ellison grads back to his house so that they could interact with his children.

He wanted them to have the opportunity to share their experiences. Tommie Harris went back inside to meet with his children and, of course, with Eric Cristian, who had been honored by the coach shortly before Eric’s dying. Eric Cristian was sitting in the room with Tommie Harris. Within the Ellison high school football program, he almost single-handedly created a culture that emphasized the importance of family.

There are no words that can adequately describe the degree of grandeur that he possessed as a person, and there never will be. We would say that he was one of the best instructors that We have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my more than 40 years of existence. This is something that we would say since we had the opportunity to work with him. He is, without a shadow of a question, one of the most admirable persons We’ve ever had the honor of getting to know. My heart breaks for the people he left behind, but the knowing that he will be captaining the team in the hereafter brings me some measure of comfort in this time of loss. Trent, you will not be forgotten. Thank you, God.

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