Todd Berube Obituary, Man Dies In Motorcycle Accident In Hudson NH – Death

Todd Berube Obituary, Man Dies In Motorcycle Accident In Hudson NH - Death

Todd Berube Obituary, Death – Todd Berube was riding his motorcycle when he was involved in a terrible accident in Hudson, New Hampshire, on the 9th of January, 2023. He was killed. Since 2002, Todd has been a member of the Hudson Fire Department, where he has held the positions of firefighter and paramedic. In 2017, he was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant. Before being hired on a permanent basis, Todd worked as a call firefighter for the Milford Fire Department and as an emergency medical technician for the Milford Ambulance Service. Since the year 2020, he has worked for the Litchfield Fire-Rescue Department as both a call firefighter and a training officer.

Todd’s family includes his parents, his brother, the woman he was with for the past 12 years, their son, daughter, and stepdaughter. The Hudson Firefighters Relief Association is in charge of organizing and running this fundraiser, and all of the money that is collected will be sent to the Berube family. This past week, a beloved member of our jaja family passed away unexpectedly. Our hearts go out to them. One of our girls cherished having Lieutenant Todd Berube as her father. Our hearts are torn for her and for her family after his passing.

The Berube family will benefit from the sale of memorial stickers that were developed by the Hudson Firefighters. When we reopen the shop later this week, we will have a restricted supply of these items for sale there. Click HERE to visit to Todd Berube GoFundMe Page.

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