Thomas Cotter Obituary, Retired Member Randolph Firefighters

Thomas Cotter Obituary, Retired Member Randolph Firefighters

Thomas Cotter Death, Obituary – The members of Firefighters Local 1268 would prefer that they did not have to inform the community about the passing of Firefighter Thomas Cotter (retired 1989). My deepest sympathies go out to the members of the Cotter family, as well as to all of the family’s friends and loved ones, during this difficult time of loss. Arrangements pending. Tom and his late wife, Phyllis, cherished their time together and made the most of it by engaging in a variety of activities such as reading, telling and listening to stories, tinkering with objects, learning about history, and going on vacation.

His children and grandchildren held him in high regard as a loyal and caring parent as well as a cherished grandparent throughout his life. Phyllis could not have asked for a better husband than him. The connection he shared with his loved ones was without a doubt the single most significant aspect of his existence. After graduating from Randolph High School with his high school degree, he went on to enlist in the United States Navy the following year and remained in that branch of service until 1964. Tom took his retirement in 1989 after working for the Fire Department of the Town of Randolph for a cumulative total of 20 years before that.

In addition to that, he was an employee at Cotter Electric, where he was eventually elevated to the rank of master electrician and continued in that capacity up until the year 2019, when he finally retired.

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