Terrence Knott Obituary, Terrence Knott Has Died At Age 37 – Death

Terrence Knott Obituary, Terrence Knott Has Died At Age 37 - Death

Terrence Knott Death, Obituary – Dondre Joseph, age 28, has been charged with murder in connection with a gunshot that took place on Saturday at the Sun Valley Apartments and resulted in the death of a person. Tuscaloosa Police Department officers responded to a gunshot that had taken place just before noon at the Sun Valley Apartments, which are situated at 5140 36th Ave East. When officers from the Toronto Police Department arrived, they found that one of the male suspects had already passed deceased.

They were able to identify the body as belonging to Terrence Knott Jr., who had 37 years of age at the time of his death. It was requested that the Violent Crimes Unit of the Tuscaloosa Police Department assume control of the investigation after it was turned over to them. Dondre Joseph was identified as the person of interest in the investigation after a series of interviews with potential witnesses, an examination of the evidence, and processing of the crime scene led to the formation of a suspect. Following the occurrence, he was located, questioned, and finally charged with one count of murder.

Joseph was detained without the opportunity to post bail after being taken into custody and put into the Tuscaloosa County Jail. After Knott had been involved in a domestic disagreement with a member of the suspect’s family, the suspect, who has been identified as Joseph, allegedly confronted the victim, who has been identified as Knott. The incident allegedly occurred after Knott had been involved in the conflict. It is believed that this disagreement was the impetus for the shooting that took place.

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