Stephon Darius Obituary, Stephon Darius Has Being Killed At Age 18 – Death

Stephon Darius Obituary, Stephon Darius Has Being Killed At Age 18 - Death

Stephon Darius Death, Obituary – The Fayetteville Police Department has begun an investigation into a fatal shooting that took place on Sunday and resulted in the death of an 18-year-old man. The shooting took place at an unknown location. Shortly after eleven in the morning, the authorities were called to investigate the whereabouts of a mystery individual who was believed to be lying in the backyard of a house on Docia Circle. According to the reports, law enforcement authorities who responded to the site discovered Stephon Darius Links, 18, lying face down and unresponsive in the backyard shortly after their arrival. It was reported to the authorities that Links had been killed by a gunshot when they were notified.

During the course of their investigation, it was discovered that Links had passed away while they were present at the location in question. Homicide investigators with the Fayetteville Police Department are reportedly gathering information at this time on the chain of events that led up to the shooting that is currently taking place. The following telephone number, (910) 635-4978, can be used to contact Detective M. Waters, and the following telephone number, (910) 483-TIPS, can be used to contact Crimestoppers. Anyone who has any reason to suspect that they may be in possession of information that could be of assistance to this inquiry is urged to get in touch with us as soon as humanly practicable (8477).

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