Stephanie Vandenberg Obituary, Howell Michigan, Has Died – Death

Stephanie Vandenberg Obituary, Howell Michigan, Has Died - Death

Stephanie Vandenberg Obituary, Death – Stephanie Vandenberg. age 32, died Sunday, jan, 14, 2023. On December 31st, 1984, he was born in Howell, which is located in the state of Michigan. Vandenberg was a loving partner to his wife, Stephanie M. (Berry), and a dedicated father to their daughter, Everly. He passed his devotion to family on to Everly. Brother of Timothy Vandenberg (Jill), who resides in Brighton, and sister of Amy Vandenberg Richard.

Who resides in Rochester Hills and is married to Matt Richard. Son of Jack and Jean Vandenberg. In addition, he is survived by his grandmother Helen DeWulf of Brighton, his in-laws Jim and Denise Berry, as well as his brother-in-law Chris Berry. All three of these people are from his wife’s side of the family. Before he was born, both of his sets of grandparents—his maternal grandparents, Henry and Joanne Vandenberg, and his paternal grandparents, Victor DeWulf—had already passed away. Steven was a co-owner of the Vandenberg Bulb Company, which had its headquarters in Howell and employed a number of people.

After graduating from Howell High School, he continued his study at Michigan State University, where he received his degree. Playing golf, anything having to do with sharks or super heroes, watching University of Michigan football, and following Red Wings Hockey, notably Pavel Datsyuk (#13), were some of his favorite things to do in life. The landscaping projects that he was able to finish brought him an incredible amount of satisfaction. His niece and nephew will remember him for the rest of their lives as an incredible uncle, but above all else, they will remember him as an incredible father to his daughter, Everly.

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