Stella Paterson Obituary, NYC Lawrenceville School Mourn the death of Student

Stella Paterson Obituary, Death – Stella Paterson has died, which is sad. Stella was born on June 13 in Janow Lublin, Poland. Poland had a hard year because its new government had to deal with problems like war damage, an economy that had been destroyed, and widespread corruption. Stella’s family decided to move across the ocean to find a better life. They ended up in Canada. Stella and her brothers Chester and Jean grew up in Manitoba, Canada. Stella’s father worked at a paper mill, and Stella’s mother took care of the kids at home. Her mother loved her family very much and always made sure there was tasty Polish food on the table.

As time went on, Stella soon started elementary school. Stella hated school so much that she would sometimes hide behind the porch to avoid going. When her parents found out, Stella’s game was up, and she got a good spanking. Stella’s younger sister, Jean, and she were best friends as kids and liked to run around their small town together. Picking blueberries, going to the movies and parties, and listening to music from the 1940s and 1950s on their neighbor’s radio were some of their favorite things to do. Stella liked to play the drums and was in a band in her town.

When Stella was young, she met Walter Patterson, the man she would love for the rest of her life. At a party, Stella and Walter met and fell in love right away. They got married on a beautiful summer day in July of 1963. Stella and Walter like to travel and get the most out of life. Stella worked for an airline, so she and her husband could go on a lot of exciting trips together. Stella and Walter also liked to ride their bikes around their neighborhood.

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