Sheri Knox Obituary, Sheri Knox, 61, Of Roebuck Identified In Woodruff Deadly Car Crash

Sheri Knox Obituary, Death – On Monday, a coroner provided some new information about an incident involving a fire that took place in the Upstate region of South Carolina and resulted in the death of a woman. The fire in question claimed the life of the victim. The victim of the fire was the woman who unfortunately passed away as a result of the blaze. Sheri Knox was determined to be the individual who had been found to have passed away as a direct result of the incident by Rusty Clevenger, who serves as the Coroner for Spartanburg County. Sheri Knox had 61 years under her belt and called Roebuck home.

According to Clevenger, the incident that resulted in the death was initially reported as a car fire early on Sunday morning at the intersection of Cavins Road and East Hayne Street. This was the location where the incident took place. This took place at the same location where the fatal accident took place. This was the location of the incident that resulted in the injury being sustained. This happened in the same spot as the fatal accident that had taken place not long before. According to the statement that Clevenger issued on Monday, Knox “appears to have died as a result of accidental causes as she perished in the fire.” This interpretation is based on the fact that Knox was consumed by flames.

The fact that Knox was consumed by flames lends credence to this interpretation. [Citation needed] This interpretation receives additional support from the fact that Knox was engulfed in flames. [Further citation is required] Because they are still trying to figure out what started the fire, the Woodruff Police Department has not made any public statements regarding the investigation into the blaze. Instead, they have decided to withhold any information they have regarding the investigation into the fire in order to maintain their cover story.


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