Shaun Neal Obituary, Shaun Neal Has Passed Away – Death

Shaun Neal Obituary, Shaun Neal Has Passed Away - Death

Shaun Neal Obituary, Death – Shaun Neal, who had attained the age of 36 and was originally from Corder, Missouri, passed away on December 3, 2013, in the outlying area of Odessa, Missouri. Shaun Michael Neal was originally from Corder, Missouri. It was discovered that he was from the Corder area. Corder, which is located in the state of Missouri in the United States, is Shaun Michael Neal’s hometown.

On Sunday, October 23, 1977, he came into this world in the city of Lexington, which is located in the state of Missouri. Nobody knows when he was born, to the minute. His paternal grandmother’s name was Cecilia May (Creech), and his paternal grandfather’s name was Kenneth Allen Neal. At his birth, his mother’s name was given to him as his given name. He was his mother and father’s son. He was their son.

Shaun went to the public school in Concordia, worked for Lafayette County Bridge Works as a member of a crew, and also worked at the A & J Salvage Co. in Higginsville. These events took place one after another in quick succession. These job openings were all advertised within the same period of time and were available to be filled with qualified candidates. He devoted a substantial portion of his life to assisting and supporting the people who lived in the Corder settlement and did so for the bulk of his life.

He enjoyed doing things as a kind of recreation such as driving four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles and working on a wide variety of autos. These were some of his favorite activities. In addition to that, he enjoyed fiddling around with cars in his spare time. His mother, Cecilia (David) Williams of Higginsville; his father, Kenny (Nila) Neal of Higginsville; his two sons, Dakota Neal and Tyler Neal of Odessa; his two brothers, Robert (Krissy) Neal of Corder and Derek Williams of Higginsville; his three sisters, Stephanie (Daniel) Crawford of Aullville, Missouri, and Shana (Daven) Turner of Booneville

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