Sandra Villanueva Obituary, La Quinta Couple ID’d As Victims In Fatal Thermal Crash

Sandra Villanueva Obituary, Death – It was found out on Friday evening in Thermal that a couple from La Quinta had tragically passed away as a result of an accident involving a tractor-trailer. The accident occurred earlier in the day. Earlier in the day is when the accident took place. The incident that caused the disaster occurred earlier in the day. During the course of the weekend, it was discovered who the victims were as well as where they were from in their respective countries. According to the Riverside County Sheriff-Bureau, Coroner Sandra Villanueva, 72, and Henry Villanueva, 73, both passed away at the scene of the incident on Airport Blvd., which was approximately a quarter mile east of Shady Lane.

Sandra Villanueva was the wife of Henry Villanueva. Henry Villanueva was the husband. Sandra Villanueva was Henry Villanueva’s wife throughout their marriage. Henry Villanueva was the man who married the woman. Throughout their whole marriage, Henry Villanueva’s wife Sandra Villanueva was by his side. Henry Villanueva was the one who ultimately decided to tie the knot with the lady. Sandra Villanueva, Henry Villanueva’s wife, was constantly by her husband’s side during their whole marriage. Henry Villanueva was the one who made the ultimate decision to get married to the lady and seal the wedding.

According to both Cal Fire and the Riverside County Fire Department, the incident took occurred in the 86600 block of Airport Boulevard just before six o’clock in the evening. This information was provided by both agencies. The airport was gracious enough to provide the information that was indicated above. According to the data obtained from the company, the individual who was driving the vehicle at the time of the event did not suffer any injuries as a result of what happened. The inquiry into the disaster is still ongoing, and the detectives are making a concerted effort to determine what led to the disastrous outcome of the situation.


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