Ruth Tonks Obituary, West Lothian mum dies after being left on hospital trolley for two days

Ruth Tonks Obituary, Death – Just after Christmas, Ruth became ill and had to be transported to the hospital when her breathing began to become increasingly difficult. The employees at St. John’s Hospital appeared to be mentally and physically fatigued, according to Ruth’s son Carl, who described the atmosphere within the hospital during the period that his mother was hospitalized there. After being unexpectedly brought to the hospital with a chest infection, a mother from West Lothian who was on her deathbed was put on a trolley for two days.

Ruth Tonks passed away on January 2 at the St. John’s Hospital in Livingston, where she had been admitted the previous week on December 28. Carl, her son, has described the events that took place while he was in the hospital as well as the enormous amount of pressure that the staff members working in the NHS are under. Carl reported that Ruth was placed on a trolley and had no privacy for two days before a room was finally available for her after she had been blue-lighted from her house in Whitburn to St. John’s after developing a chest infection. Ruth had been sent there after becoming ill with a chest infection. In spite of this, Carl expressed that he could not have greater gratitude for the staff members working at the hospital, who, in his words, “made a very terrible situation easier.”

In an interview with Edinburgh Live, Carl stated, “Everything took place very quickly.” Just two weeks ago, we were all out celebrating her birthday, and on Christmas Day, we went out for lunch. Later that night, she mentioned that she wasn’t feeling quite right, and we all went home early. She had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and it appeared the next day that she may have picked up a chest infection. I told her to stay in bed that day while I kept her fed and hydrated, so to speak, but she continued to stay in bed even on Tuesday (December 27), which was not typical of her behavior. I told her that I was going to have the doctor come out on Wednesday, and when he arrived, he confirmed that she had a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics to treat it.

“She initially refused to go to the hospital, but she later called me and informed me that her breathing had become more difficult. I expressed my regret and informed you that it is necessary for me to contact an ambulance on your behalf. After seeing how ill she was when the ambulance crew arrived, they made the decision to contact the hospital before they arrived there themselves.

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