Roy Paniagua Obituary, Roy Paniagua Has Died – Death

Roy Paniagua Obituary, Roy Paniagua Has Died - Death

Roy Paniagua Death, Obituary – On Tuesday, the Fresno County Coroner’s Office was able to discover the name of a man who had passed away on January 10 from the injuries he had after he was struck by a vehicle on a rainy morning. The incident resulted in his death. The person had passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained. Near approximately 5:45 in the morning, Fresno resident Roy Paniagua, 68, was struck by an automobile at the junction of Ashlan and Marks avenues. He sustained injuries that required hospitalization. He was in really serious condition when he arrived at the hospital.

Paniagua walked out in front of the vehicle as she was driving down Ashlan in the direction of the eastbound lane, according to the conclusions of the investigation, which found that the driver had the right of way. The driver of the car did everything in his power to avoid colliding with Paniagua, but he was unable to do so despite his best efforts. Paniagua was not visible to the driver of the vehicle until the very last possible second. Paniagua was rushed to the Community Regional Medical Center, but he did not survive his time there. He was pronounced dead on arrival. On arrival, it was determined that he was already deceased.

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