Romance author faked death and returned two years afterwards

Romance author faked death and returned two years afterwards

Susan Meachen, an author of self-published romance novels, has been thought to have committed suicide for the past two years; nevertheless, it was just recently revealed that she is still alive. It was previously believed that she had taken her own life. The word on the street was that she had killed herself, according to the gossip. Meachen is a self-published romance novelist who puts out her work under her own imprint.

There was a message that was shared on the Facebook page of The Ward, which was a private fanclub dedicated to Meachen. In the message, there was a statement that was written in October of 2020 claiming that the aspiring novelist had taken her own life via a post that had been placed on the page. The statement was shared on the page. The assertion had a date stamp indicating that it was made in the month of October. The only people who are part of the fan club that has been established for her are her most devoted supporters. According to what was written in the post, she had been bullied by other authors to the point where she was contemplating ending her own life as a result of the stress that had been caused by the bullying that had been done to her. The bullying that had been done to her had caused her to feel like she had no one to turn to for support.

The romance novelist had just one month to go until it was thought that Meachen had unexpectedly passed away when she lamented on Facebook about the difficulties of her career and the sad state of the publishing industry.

Meachen disclosed in the article that she had contemplated ending her life by taking her own life in the past, and that she would be publishing her final book on October 30. Meachen also disclosed that she had considered ending her life by committing suicide. Meachen also disclosed the fact that she intended to end her life by killing her own life. Meachen also said that this would be the only book that she would ever write at some point during their conversation. In addition, Meachen mentioned that the book that she is presently writing on will be the final one that she ever composes in her career as a writer.

After that, the news that Meachen had died away was spread to a wide range of people by means of an online post that was extensively distributed amongst a large number of individuals. Other people who were devoted readers of The Ward and other people who were members of the Facebook page associated with the newspaper expressed their condolences to one another after hearing the tragic news about Meachen’s passing after reading the article in The Ward and visiting the Facebook page.

It would appear that Meachen had, as recently as the month of February 2022, placed material on her Facebook profile pertaining to two distinct activities with the purpose of raising money in support of efforts to prevent suicide. The material in question had been placed there with the intention of preventing suicide. Both awareness and financial support for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention were sought to be attained through the activities that were planned.

The text of the posthumously published novel that Meachen had written was offered to be edited for free by a number of different editors, and this offer was made by a number of different editors. This was accomplished after Meachen’s passing and after the work in question had already been published. Even more incredible is the fact that a number of authors collaborated on a book about her and gave it the title “Bully King” The authors of the book came to the conclusion that they wanted to include the following in the section of the book that was devoted to dedications: “Novelist Susan Meachen is known for writing what she calls “perfectly flawed romances,” and this is her area of expertise. Her catchphrase is “perfectly imperfect romances,” and she has made “perfectly flawed romances” her field of specialty. Her books have been translated into a number of different languages. Since she is no longer around, it appears as though the brightness and clarity of everything has been diminished to some degree. Despite the fact that nothing has changed in terms of its visibility, this remains the case.”

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