Robert Fantine Obituary, Local 94 Training Fund Instructor Has Died – Death

Robert Fantine Obituary, Local 94 Training Fund Instructor Has Died - Death

Robert Fantine Obituary, Death – Recently, Robert (Bobby) Fantine passed away. He was an instructor for the Local 94 Training Fund and had previously served as the director of the Local 94 Training Fund. We are saddened to have to inform you of his loss; he was a contributor to the Local 94 Training Fund. It is with a heavy heart that we do so. Bobby passed away on January 15 and was removed from this world.

Unfortunately, he passed away. His friends and coworkers at Local 94, where he served, among other positions, as a respected member, director of the Training Fund, and instructor, will miss him very much because of all the roles he played in the organization. Remember to keep Bobby’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time. They could really use some support right now.

They may truly benefit from some assistance especially at this moment. Because you are among the very best that Local 94 has ever seen, Bobby, we owe you a tremendous amount of thanks for everything you’ve done for us. When you are no longer here, everyone will miss having you as a part of our group very much. An inspiring illustration of humanity, the ability to impart knowledge, and the capacity to engage in conversation with other people, as well as a tremendous source of motivation.

Along with the rest of the people here, we would want to express our gratitude for the chance to get to know you, Bobby. Many engineers have been guided in the right direction as a direct result of both the words that you have said and the skills that you have provided. Rest in peace, amazing dude! This comes to me as a total shock. Bobby was a fantastic man who helped anyone who found themselves in a difficult situation, regardless of who they were. He was also an exceptional teacher, and we owe him a tremendous deal of thanks for guiding all of us members to the point where we are right now because of the contributions he made to our education. In this trying time, the Fantine family, who just lost a member of their family, is in my heart and on my mind as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

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