Ravi Srinivasan Obituary, Sarnia ON, Resident and TIFF senior programmer, dies at 37

Ravi Srinivasan Obituary, Sarnia ON, Resident and TIFF senior programmer, dies at 37

Ravi Srinivasan Obituary, Death – Everyone who knew him stated that his smile could make a dark room seem brighter. On Saturday, Ravi Srinivasan, who was the senior manager of festival programming at TIFF, unexpectedly passed away. The death of the 37-year-old man not only left his family and friends heartbroken, but it also sent shock waves through Toronto’s arts community. Vivien Belik, Ravi’s girlfriend, discovered him in his living room two days after they returned from a trip to Mexico. She was the last person to have a conversation with Ravi. She was adamant about not giving interviews to the press.

Although neither she nor Ravi’s older brother, Hari Srinivasan, noticed any evidence of recent illness, Ravi’s brother told the Star that Ravi had been experiencing heart palpitations over the past couple of months. Neither she nor Hari Srinivasan saw any signs of recent illness. According to his other brother, “my brother always had a wonderful spirit, he loved everyone, and he was a really optimistic person.” [Case in point] “It was his very soul. It just … The physician stated that there are some instances in which the heart simply stops beating.

The trauma that the brothers went through after both of their parents passed away unexpectedly motivated Ravi to compose a screenplay for a short film. According to IMDB, the movie “Sudden Death” explores the lives of two families as they deal with the effects of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. The syndrome is a fatal condition in which someone suddenly passes away from a cardiac arrest yet the cause of death cannot be ascertained.

Hari told the Star that Ravi appeared to be in good health, but that he had just gone to a doctor in his birthplace of Sarnia to check the heart palpitations because he was unable to get an appointment in Toronto. They diagnosed him with a condition that runs in his family called hypertension and offered him a prescription for treatment. Hari stated, “I believe that he was doing well with that.”

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