Phyllis Phyl Obituary, Taverna Funerals Swan Hill Mourns Phyllis Phyl’s Death

Phyllis Phyl Obituary, Death – Phyllis, who had lived for almost 94 years, passed away in Swan Hill, where she was receiving palliative care at the time of her passing. Her passing was peaceful. Phyllis had lived for almost 94 years. A long and productive life was enjoyed by Phyllis. Phyllis passed away when she was somewhere in the vicinity of 94 years old. She had a long and fruitful life.
Colyne and Martin working together after they established a business partnership and throughout the course of their work together. She is the mother of Kathleen and Ian, as well as Jennifer and Keith, and a devoted and highly respected grandmother to all four of her grandchildren, who are married to her children.

In addition, Jennifer and Keith can claim her as their grandmother. She has been Bill’s wife for a number of years, during which time he has showered his undying love and devotion upon her (Dec). She was the cherished grandmother of Matthew, Colombina, and Guy, in addition to Shayne and Glenn, who were her own children. In addition to that, she counted Glenn and Shayne among her grandchildren. along with their respective families, the great-grandchildren Levi, Mikayla, Taylor, Parker, Evie, Sebastian, Madison, Rory, and Scarlette. Scarlette and Madison, who are our great-great-grandchildren, are clenching their teeth in nervous anticipation as they watch the clock in the hope that the resurrection will happen soon.

A memorial service honoring the life of Phil Featherby will be held on Friday, January 20, 2023, beginning at 11.00am at the Swan Hill Racecourse Bowls Club (The Hub), which can be found on Gray Street in Swan Hill. It is important to exercise caution before going to the funeral because: A memorial service honoring the life of Phil Featherby will be held on Friday, January 20, 2023. There has been no decision made regarding the time or date of the memorial service. A memorial service will be held in his honor, and it will serve as a tribute to him. There is currently no information available regarding the time or day of the memorial service; these details have not been decided upon. When everything is said and done, the location of the service is going to end up being decided to be in Swan Hill.



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