Patrick Anderson Obituary, Pyle RFC Mourns Coach Patrick Anderson’s Death

Patrick Anderson Obituary, Death – Patrick Anderson was a member of the Pyle RFC, hearing the news of his untimely death has left us inconsolable. He was one of us. The news of his passing came as a total and utter surprise. As a young coach in Pyle, where the lads looked up to him greatly for both his direction and his extensive knowledge of rugby back in the day, Patrick was a legend in the area. They looked up to him for both his direction and his extensive understanding of the sport. They had a tremendous amount of respect for him as a leader because of his wide knowledge and direction in the sport. They were held in exceptionally high respect, along with Ray Jones, by players from all of the nearby villages.

They were held in exceptionally high regard by players from all of the villages that were in close proximity to them. Because Patrick committed a significant amount of his time and energy to the sports team he supported his entire life, the organization that he supported will be indebted to him for as long as it continues to exist. He was the leader of the team all during the 1970s and 1980s. A perfect example of the color blue in combination with the color white in every possible way. A passion that was exemplified by the participation of his two kids, Bruce and Stu, in the activities of the Pyle Rugby Football Club for a considerable amount of time.

Both Bruce and Stu were vital to the success of the company in their respective capacities. It is very evident that this is a direct result of their father’s dedication to the organization in the past, when he served both as a coach and a captain in those roles. We are keeping his wife, Mary, and the rest of his family, especially their children Bruce and Stuart, in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Our sincere sympathies. His departure will be deeply regretted by everyone, each in their own unique way.


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