Paige Rydalch Obituary, Snow College Softball Player Dies In Fatal Car Accident

Paige Rydalch Obituary, Death – On Monday, it was announced to the general public that a student who was enrolled at Snow College had passed away. The student’s name has not been released. According to the reports, Paige Rydalch, a sophomore at the college, was one of the people who passed away as a result of the car accident that took place early on Monday. After Rydalch did not show up to the practice that was scheduled for her to attend on Monday, the staff at the college stated that a missing person report was filed for her because of her absence. The reason for the missing person report was because of Rydalch’s absence.

The university was not informed of Rydalch’s passing until a much later time that he had been killed in a collision on State Route 132 that involved two different cars. The collision had involved both of Rydalch’s vehicles. After hearing this news, the members of our softball family have been rendered speechless and are unable to console one another. We are acquainted with Paige, and the friendship that we share with her is one that we hold in high regard. She was a conscientious employee who regularly made contributions that went above and beyond what was required of her. She “made others feel loved and had a work ethic that was like no other,” according to Rob Nielson, Vice President for External Affairs at Snow College, who was quoted in an announcement that was made by the college.

On the Snow College softball team, Rydalch was primarily tasked with playing the position of infielder. On the page of the roster that was devoted to Rydalch, it was stated that she had spent her entire life in Stockton, Utah. This was the location where she was born and raised. This information was comprised of those that were displayed on the page. According to Rydalch’s biography, some of her favorite things to do include “riding horses, chasing cows, camping, and fishing.” She also mentioned that she enjoys writing. Snow College made the announcement that the remaining games of the season for Rydalch’s team, the Badgers, would be played in her honor as a tribute to her. This was done in recognition of the fact that Rydalch had passed away.


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