Oklahoma Police Investigating Shooting After Boys’ High School Basketball Game

On Tuesday evening, a gunshot occurred at a boys’ basketball game in Oklahoma, and the local police are looking into the incident. The shooting took place after a game between Del City and Millwood, as reported by Hallie Hart of USA Today. The Del City Police Department is in charge of leading the investigation into the incident. “Police stated there was one adult male who was shot and taken to a hospital,” as reported by KOCO News. There have been reports of people hearing gunshots both inside and outside of the building that houses Del City High School.

“After the finish of the boys basketball game versus Millwood High School, a brawl occurred and bullets were fired inside the field house,” stated the principal of Del City High School, Steve Gilliland, in a statement. “The incident occurred inside the field house.” “The Del City Police Department has responded to the scene and is currently conducting an investigation into the event. We are committed to keeping our families up to speed with any new information that may become available.”

After the incident, the mother of a senior forward on the Del City basketball team said on Twitter that her son’s squad “is doing okay” in the aftermath of the shooting. Hart mentioned this. According to Hart, senior guard for Millwood, William Mays, posted the following on social media: “We are grateful to you all, from both schools, for praying for us. I give thanks to God for protecting both of my families the ones in Millwood and the ones in Del City. I pray that all concerned will come to the realization that simply OWNING a gun does not guarantee social success. All that we can do is pray that one day they will comprehend what we are trying to say.” According to the police, there are no suspects being held in custody.

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