Ntate Mokwena Obituary, Ntate Mokwena has died – Death

Ntate Mokwena Obituary, Ntate Mokwena has died - Death

Ntate Mokwena Obituary, Death – On the 18th of Jan, 2023, a burial ceremony for the late Ntate Mike Mokoena will be held at the Methodist Church in Bohlokong, Bethlehem, in the province of Free State. The location of the service will be in South Africa. A Friday has been chosen for the funeral service to take place. The location of the church is referred to by the term “in the province of Free State,” which is included in the phrase.

The deceased person will be laid to rest in the Utopia Cemetery following the funeral service, which will begin at 10:00 in the morning and take place at the Utopia Cemetery. The Utopia Cemetery is going to be the location of the memorial service for the deceased.

There will not be a memorial service held in honor of Ntate Mokoena in order to memorialize his life and the age in which he lived it since the criteria that were created by the government in Covid-19 state that there must not be one. These guidelines were established in Covid-19. In order to satisfy the requirements, we had no choice but to come to this conclusion. In the event that the family decides to mark the anniversary at a later time, they may give some thought to hosting a party at a later time as a means of celebration.

We will be compelled to place a limit on the number of South Africans who are allowed to pay their respects at the burial due to the presence of Covid-19. This limit will be imposed at a certain number. In order to ensure the safety of Covid-19, it is going to be necessary to impose a number of restrictions.

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