North West plays father Kanye West’s makeup (video)


By modifying her appearance in a way that was similar to that of her father, the rapper Kanye West, North West gave the idea that she was seeking to duplicate her father’s job as a role model. This was because North West’s appearance was quite similar to that of her father. This is because she created the idea that she was attempting to model her behavior after that of her father, who was also an influential figure in her life. In order to accomplish this goal, her physical appearance was altered so that it was more analogous to that of her father. This was accomplished by changing her looks in such a way that it was more similar to that of her father. Specifically, she was made to look more like her father.

The young daughter, who had just turned nine years old at the time, had applied cosmetics on her face in an attempt to make it appear to be similar to the features that her father possessed at the time. She completed her ensemble by donning a black hoodie, a black cap, and black gloves. Her getup was all black. Her getup was entirely of black. Her ensemble consisted solely of black clothing. Her entire getup was comprised of dark-colored garments only. Her ensemble consisted solely of clothing of a dark color palette from head to toe. Her entire getup, from head to toe, was comprised of garments that featured a dark color pallet throughout. Her entire getup, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, consisted of garments that had a dark color palette across the entirety of the ensemble.

It was a lot of fun since it was so amazing to watch her do it because she did such a fantastic job of doing it. Because of this, watching her do it provided a lot of entertainment. Because of this, it was very entertaining to see her carry out the task. Because of this, watching her carry out the activity was a really exciting thing to do because it was a source of thrill. She performed a fantastic job of copying Kanye West, right down to his movements and the looks on his face.

The video of Kim that North and Kim posted to their joint TikTok account and that was then shared with the rest of the world represents Kim, as can be seen in the video that was mentioned before. North and Kim posted the video. Additionally, North can be seen in the video. Kim makes brief cameo appearances in a few different scenes during the course of the movie, albeit each of her appearances only lasts for a few seconds at a time.

We would appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes of your time to watch the video that has been embedded into this page. This will help us educate you more effectively. I am grateful to you for taking this into consideration. If you are seeking for it, it is located around the bottom of this page, if you want to look for it. In case you were curious about the location to look for it, here it is.

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