Nikkitia Bryant Obituary, Nikkitia Bryant Has Died At Age 29 – Death

Nikkitia Bryant Obituary, Nikkitia Bryant Has Died At Age 29 - Death

Nikkitia Bryant Death, Obituary – At this point, the deceased woman, who was found dead on Tuesday following a shooting rampage in Fort Pierce on Monday that left 11 other people injured, is having her family identify her so that authorities may properly bury her. Nikkitia Bryant, a resident of Fort Pierce who worked as a cosmetologist and was 29 years old, accompanied her daughter, who was 9 years old, to the event. Nikkitia’s daughter was there. On Tuesday, her daughter went to school, and members of the family stated that the young lady was ignorant that her mother had passed away the previous day.

WPBF was told by members of her family that the victim was standing at a food truck when she was shot in the abdomen, and that her young child was present and saw the entire event. The victim and her daughter could not recognize anyone else who was present at the event, according to Calvin Bethel, who is Bryant’s brother. This information comes from Calvin Bethel. This, in accordance with Bethel, “My niece was present during the entire upheaval, and she witnessed everything that took place; this is something that I just cannot explain to a child who is younger than ten years old.”

The adult counseled the child, telling him or her, “Hey, this is how life is, kid, get tough.” That is something that is completely beyond my capacity to understand. To put it another way, she has recently been confronted with a number of significant challenges. That is a difficult task, gents.”

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