Nicky Lacey Obituary, Wexford Male Voice Choir Mourns Nicky Lacey’s Death

Nicky Lacey Obituary, Wexford Male Voice Choir Mourns Nicky Lacey's Death

Nicky Lacey Obituary, Death – Everyone who was a part of the Wexford Male Voice Choir and recently found out about the demise of Nicky Lacey is unable to find any solace in their grief. Nicky Lacey was one of the most cherished members of our group, and all of us are going to miss him a great deal. Nicky joined the Choir for the very first time in 1989 and was a part of the Bass section right up to the year 2016, when he made the decision to quit from his position there. Nicky was a frequent attendee of our shows and engagements, and after each performance, his absolute favorite thing to do was to gather with his buddies for a sing-along. He couldn’t wait for it more than anything else in the world.

Nicky’s presence at this year’s Service awards ceremony and Christmas party in December was without a doubt the highlight of those events, and we are extremely grateful that he was able to join us. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely thanks to Nicky’s contribution. He provided the party with the vitality it required. Because of his renowned bass voice and the fact that he was such a great musician, no other vocalist will ever be able to top Nicky’s renditions of classics like “Cuchullainn’s Son,” “Hard Times,” and “Nicky Rackard.”

During this difficult time, the members of the Wexford Male Voice Choir would like to extend their deepest condolences to Nicky’s family and friends. On behalf of the entire choir, we are truly sorry for your loss. Nicky was a cherished part of the choral family we all belonged to. Nicky is the kind of person that each and every one of us will remember with a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts. We have faith that the kind spirit he left behind will eventually be able to rest in peace.


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