Nathan Petty Obituary, Little Rock Police ID Two Killed in Epernay Circle Murder-Suicide

Nathan Petty Obituary, Death – Stacy and Nathan Petty, both of whom were 45 years old, were found to have their skeletal remains discovered at the residence located at 56 Epernay Circle at approximately 7:30 p.m. yesterday, according to a spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department named Mark Edwards. Stacy and Nathan Petty were found to have their remains discovered at the residence at approximately 7:30 p.m. yesterday. Yesterday, at about 7:30 o’clock in the evening, the skeletal remains of Stacy and Nathan Petty were discovered in the residence where they had been living. It was found out that Stacy and Nathan Petty had been murdered in an extremely violent manner. The union of Stacy and Nathan Petty resulted in the birth of both of the couple’s children, which was a happy and joyous occasion for the Petty family.

The Officers Department issued a news statement the following morning, on Tuesday, in which they stated that emergency communications had told the police that the caller’s stepmother and father were found dead in the basement. The message was released on Tuesday morning. The information was included in the announcement that was made. The statement was included as part of the substance of the announcement that was made. The statement that was made was altered so that it now included the information that was provided. Before the police arrived on the scene, the members of the emergency services who were on the scene briefed them on the current situation.

It has been claimed that both Stacy and Nathan were shot by the police, and it has also been reported that both of them are currently in a serious state. Stacy and Nathan were both reportedly shot by the police. It is reported that both of them are in a critical situation right now. In the reports, both of these facts have been brought to light. [Case in point] Due to the fact that Nathan was the one who had injuries as a result of the occurrence, the authorities arrived at the conclusion that he was the one who was intended to blame for the incident. The fact that Nathan had been injured in the first place provided validity to the allegation that this was the case. It would appear, on the basis of the information that has been made public thus far, that the inquiry can be considered to be active at this point in time.


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