Nathan Huddleston Obituary Ashdown Arkansas, Nathan Huddleston Has passed away – Death

Nathan Huddleston Obituary Ashdown Arkansas, Nathan Huddleston Has passed away - Death

Nathan Huddleston Obituary, Death –  The 12th of January, 2023 is a date that will remain etched in my memory forever. Nathan traveled to be with Jesus early on Thursday morning. When I received the call, despite the fact that it upset me, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of serenity. I was aware that Nathan had been taken to the most greatest location in the world for him to be. When I say that Nathan was the most hilarious, roughest, most talented, and sweetest boy there ever was, I know that anyone who had the opportunity to interact with Nathan would agree with me. Nathan, the day you were born served as my password for around two years after you were born.

Since the moment you entered this world, I have loved you with everything that is in me. Your “yo mama” jokes and your “knock knock” gags are hilarious, and I’ll miss hearing them. At Maw Maw’s, it will be strange not to hear your voice asking me to join you and your friends in a game of football or baseball outside. You and Allison arguing about who got to brush my hair after I washed it is a memory that will live on in my heart forever. I’ll never forget how, despite the fact that you knew I couldn’t dance, you tried to show me all of your dance moves anyhow. I’ll miss being able to sit down next to you and listen to you chat about what went down at school the previous week or how you resembled a baby squirrel when you were first born.

You truly serve as an example for me to follow. Your entire family adores you with all that they are, and things just won’t be the same without you; nevertheless, we are confident that you have returned home by this point. Make a solemn vow to me, Nathaniel, that you will watch out for both of us up there. I will always consider it a privilege to have been your older cousin. I adore you Den

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