Moos Song Obituary, East Brunswick Man Killed In Township’s Second Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Moos Song Obituary, Death – On Monday, a township resident who was in his seventies and out for a stroll in the region around Ryders Lane and Cedar Village Boulevard was struck and run over by a car, which ultimately led to his passing away. The man was in the vicinity of Ryders Lane and Cedar Village Boulevard. The incident took place in the neighborhood that is centered around Ryders Lane and Cedar Village Boulevard. As a result of the injuries he sustained, he was unable to make a full recovery, and as a consequence, he perished away. This awful pedestrian accident is the second one that has occurred in the neighborhood within the span of a week, and both of them were incredibly devastating in their own unique ways.

The name Moos S. Song has been offered by the police as the individual who they have identified as the suspect in this case. The police believe that this individual is responsible for the crime.
At approximately 6:32 in the morning on Monday, the police were notified that a pedestrian had been hit by a motor vehicle at the intersection. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The victim, who was in critical condition, was transported to the hospital. The victim, who was in serious condition when they arrived at the hospital, was transferred there.

As soon as they arrived, they were able to determine that Song had suffered injuries that were potentially life-threatening even before beginning their assessment. It was stated in the report that was turned in by the police that he was declared dead at the location where the incident had taken place. During the course of the inquiry into the incident that took place on Monday, the local police department blocked access to Ryders Lane between Cotters Lane and Tices Lane. This action took place for around three hours.


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