“mom” Legally changing gender to get daughters

"mom" Legally changing gender to get daughters

An Ecuadorian father who wanted to reclaim custody of his kids, who were already living with their mother, made the decision to transition from a female to a male gender identity in order to accomplish this goal. His daughters were already living with their mother at the time of his decision.

René Salinas Ramos, who is 47 years old, is currently the focus of an ongoing legal proceeding about the custody of his children, which has been brought about by said proceeding. In an interview with the Ecuadorian news site La Voz del Tomebamba, Ramos claimed that the rules in his nation give women the advantage over fathers when it comes to disputes over the custody of children. La Voz del Tomebamba is located in the country of Ecuador. This statement was made by Ramos in reference to the fact that the laws of his nation are now operating as intended. As a consequence of this, he arrived at the realization that the only choice available to him was to officially change his gender.

At the present time, the gender identity “FEMENINO” is displayed for him throughout all of his official documentation alongside the correct pronoun (female).

“The lady is currently working in the job that the law dictates she should be holding since the legislation has been properly followed. I currently identify as a female and have never considered myself to be male. I currently identify myself based on the fact that I am a mother because I am also a wife “Ramos told local media.

He continued by saying, “My sexual orientation is something that is completely clear to me without a shadow of a doubt. My goal has always been to establish a family of my own one day so that I can shower my future offspring with the same boundless love and attention that my own mother did for me while I was growing up. Until now, that goal has remained unfulfilled.”

His line of reasoning was that “Being a father in this country, Ecuador, is punished and looked at only as a provider,” and this was the argument that he made. His line of reasoning was that “Being a father in this country, Ecuador, is punished and looked at only as a provider.”

After he argued his case in front of the Cantonal Board for the Protection of Rights, he was informed that his daughter will continue to live with their mother pending the outcome of the investigation into the situation. This information came after he presented his case in front of the Cantonal Board. After he had presented his side of the argument, this information was given to him.

The choice that Ramos made to change his gender from male to female in order to fight for custody of his children has infuriated transgender rights activists across the country.  Ramos proceeded by adding that the purpose of his acts “is not against a person, not to harm anyone, but rather to fight against this system that has stigmatized the fact of being born a man.” and he said that he did not intend to hurt anyone. Ramos anticipated the criticism that would be leveled at him and maintained that his actions were “not against a person, not to harm anyone.”

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