Mitchell Tannis Obituary, Funeral Information and GoFundMe

Mitchell Tannis Obituary, Funeral Information and GoFundMe

Mitchell Tannis Obituary, Death – As our family picks up the pieces and begins making preparations for our dearly departed brother Mitchell’s funeral mass and celebration of life in Las Vegas, we are left devastated and heartbroken by the unexpected and untimely departure of our beloved brother Mitchell. We have established this GoFundMe page in order to assist in meeting the financial demands of this unanticipated obligation so soon after the demise of our father in November.

The contributions will help cover some of the costs associated with bringing Mitchell back home, including his mother and siblings’ travel expenses from Canada to attend the memorial ceremony, venue rental, flowers, and food expenses. We want to make sure that Mitch’s memorial ceremony is just as meaningful and unforgettable as his 43 years of life on earth were filled with love, laughter, companionship, and dancing. Mitch lived on this world for a total of this earth for 43 years.

We would be extremely grateful for any donation that you may possibly make. In the following weeks, we will provide you with specifics regarding the date of the funeral mass as well as the celebration of life that will follow. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of Mitch’s family, and we also ask that you continue to pray for Mitch and for all of us as we are going through this challenging time. Click HERE to visit Mitchell TannisĀ  GoFundMe page

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