Missing Body found buried in rural Grady County OKH

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation discovered the skeletal remains of a kid in an unincorporated section of Grady County, Oklahoma, near the town of Rush Springs. The area in question is located in Grady County. It has been confirmed that the remains found are not those of Athena Brownfield, the Cyril youngster who went missing a week ago, according to a press release published by the local authorities. It is stated in the announcement that officials have been unable to positively identify the remains as those of Athena Brownfield.

The fourth year of Athena Brownfield’s life. The Medical Examiner’s Office in Oklahoma City will be receiving the remains for conclusive identification by its staff. This is essential in getting the bodies back to the relatives. In the afternoon of January 10, a mail carrier discovered the Cyril girl’s 5-year-old sister outside their home on West Nebraska Avenue, prompting the family to file the initial complaint that Athena was missing. Cyril’s parents located him on the afternoon of the 10th of January and brought him home.

Initiated by the postal worker’s report to the authorities, the hunt for Athena proceeded until she was located. Following nearly a week of search efforts, the OSBI disclosed to the public throughout the investigation that they had changed their focus to a recovery operation. Athena’s caretakers, Alyssa and Ivon Adams, were detained on suspicion of involvement in the case.


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