Mike Buckholt Obituary, BMS Mourn the death of Mike Buckholt

Mike Buckholt Obituary, Death – Mike Buckholt, passed away suddenly last week. He had a significant impact on my life and was the inspiration behind the founding of BMS more than two decades ago. It was a luxury for me to be able to spend my teenage years with him, helping him construct motorcycles and fixing automobiles. He was a very skilled old-school engineer who worked at the original Pattisson golf goods company in the 1990s.

It is likely that many people will remember Dad for his hilarious personality and dry sense of humor. In the beginning of our time together at BMS, the two of us were responsible for every aspect of production, including but not limited to mechanical engineering, CAD design, welding, machining, electrics, and hydraulics. His hands-on experience in the field instilled confidence in me to launch our own business.

My two daughters currently work in the company with our team of approximately 20 people. In a different and more contemporary sense, they are wonderful, and the fact that they can confidently interact with customers and clients who are double their age makes me extremely proud. They represent the next generation and will be successful in whatever endeavors they undertake in the years to come. They are currently in the midst of managing the relocation project for our company, which is taking place from the north of London to Devon. You can imagine it’s a pretty rough time for them, considering there are still 15 trucks to go, but they are getting on with it since they are tough like their Grandpa was.

We believe this demonstrates how strong our team is and how much value we place on the people we have; they are treated like family because we view them in that light and consider them to be part of our family. When someone you loved passes away for good, it certainly puts things into perspective for you, especially if you are responsible for running a family business. Work hard, play even harder, and take care of the people you care about the most.

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