Matthew Brien Obituary, A St.Dominics Gaa Club Member Has Passed Away – Death

Matthew Brien Obituary

Matthew o’Brien Death, Obituary – Once learning on Tuesday that Matthew o’Brien had departed away in an unforeseen manner, everyone involved with the St. Dominicics GAA club, including the committee, players, members, and friends, felt a great sense of loss. This was especially true after the news was shared with them. This comprised both the players on the team and the club’s members and friends. Matthew o’Brien was a member of the club and took part in the various activities it hosted. Tuesday was the day that the club received the information that they were supposed to relay to their members.

Earlier on that day, when the preceding occurrence had already received considerable attention from the general public, club members engaged in a drawn-out discussion about it.
Matthew, who devoted his entire life to playing hurling for St. Dominic’s, will be laid to rest while wearing the number five jersey of the school’s hurling team, which he adored so much. Matthew played hurling for St. Dominic’s for his entire life. Throughout his entire life, Matthew devoted himself completely to the success of the St. Dominic’s hurling team. Because Matthew showed such a remarkable commitment to the group, he will be remembered in this one-of-a-kind fashion after his passing.

Because Matthew’s favorite player wore the number five, we believe that it is only fair and suitable to pay him tribute by using that number in his honor because the player wore it. This will allow us to pay tribute to Matthew in a manner that is both fair and appropriate. On the following day, in Matthew’s honor, his friends and teammates will create a guard of honor in order to congratulate him on his accomplishments and bring attention to the contributions he has made to the team. In addition to that, as a sign of gratitude for all of his hard work, they are going to present him with a gift as a mark of appreciation.

On Friday morning, there will be a gathering at the Claypipe that will begin at 10:15 in the morning. After the gathering, everyone will disperse so that they can attend mass in Knockcroghery at eleven in the morning. The mass will begin at eleven o’clock. As you go through this unimaginable period of mourning, know that you are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers, including those of everyone in the Matthews family and in your close circle of friends. We are very sorry for your loss. We ask that you convey our sincerest condolences to each and every member of the Matthews family, as well as to any friends or acquaintances of the deceased and to the larger community at large.


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