Masao Skilling Obituary, Police Identify Victim Struck, Killed By Train In Copperas Cove

Masao Skilling Obituary, Death – On the railroad lines that are situated close to the 1500 block of East Business Highway 190, a person was reportedly struck and killed by a train, as indicated by the reports that were obtained from the authorities. The pedestrian who was struck by the vehicle has been identified as Masao Joverson Skilling, and he was 21 years old at the time of the incident. It was claimed that the terrible crash took place on January 15, not long after 2:00 p.m. local time. During the incident, it was reported to the authorities that Joverson was sitting on the train tracks as an eastbound train passed by.

According to the authorities, the train operator saw Joverson lying on the railroad tracks and immediately activated the emergency stopping mechanism for the train while signaling with the horn. This is what caused the train to come to a halt. Because of this, the train had to come to a complete stop. “the victim attempted to take evasive measures to move away from the train before being struck; however, they were unable to do so,” according to the authorities. “the victim was unable to avoid being struck by the train.” The victim of the accident was hit by the train.
The collision was the direct cause of the pedestrian’s life-threatening injuries, which were sustained as a result of the pedestrian’s injuries.

Justice of the Peace F.W. “Bill” Price arrived at the judgment that Joverson had passed away at the scene of the accident that he was examining while he was there doing his investigation. The train had two engines and 119 freight cars, all of which were loaded with a variety of commodities and weighed approximately 13,000 tons collectively. The total weight of the train was approximately 13,000 tons. The Copperas Cove Police Department is moving on with their investigation into the incident in the same method that they had decided upon in the past.


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