Mary Bear Obituary, Former Member Robbie Moore MP Has Passed Away – Death

Mary Bear Obituary, Former Member Robbie Moore MP Has Passed Away - Death

Mary Bear Taylor Death, Obituary – The information is very upsetting to hear. The unfortunate news that Mary Bear Taylor, a hairdresser originally from Silsden, passed away in Dubai only a few short months after going there to pursue a profession in that city is extremely upsetting to learn. Mary Bear Taylor had only been in Dubai for a few short months. Mary’s participation in a daily run around Silsden for a period of one hundred days while costumed in a variety of costumes caused her to gain national attention during the epidemic.

It is no secret to me that Mary loved her hometown of Silsden and took great satisfaction in the fact that she was able to call it home. Especially during the difficult days of the epidemic, Mary’s enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to Silsden helped elevate people’s spirits and put smiles on everyone’s faces. Mary was committed to Silsden. In addition, via her efforts, she was able to contribute a number of thousands of pounds to Airedale Hospital. Back in July of 2020, Mary was recognized for the positive impact that she has had on the Silsden community by being given the title of UnSung Hero.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mary’s family, her friends, and everyone who knew and loved Mary during this time of severe sorrow. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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