Martin County School District Lockdown – Teen gets BB gun, locks Martin County schools

After a 13-year-old student armed with a BB pistol prompted lock-out procedures on Wednesday at Martin County Schools, authorities have determined that there is “no longer an active danger.” According to the deputies, the young man was the grandson of the groundskeeper at the school, and the BB gun had been used for the purpose of eradicating vermin. He had been searching for the rifle in order to return it to his grandfather.

At approximately one in the afternoon, a teacher working at Hope Rural School in Indiantown claimed to have seen an unknown man climb the fence while holding a weapon in his hand. After seeing the educator, the suspect allegedly got into a light grey more recent model Dodge Durango and fled the area, according to the deputies. Deputies from Martin County stated that they have a strong suspicion that the adolescent in question was the one who had been reported missing.

According to the statements made by the deputies, the lock-out procedure will continue to be followed at each and every school in Martin County until further notice. A lock-out occurs when all of the residents of a building are required to go inside for reasons of safety. Inside, regular activity continues to take place, but the inmates are preparing for the possibility of being placed in lockdown.

“There is no longer an active threat at this moment,” the deputies added. “[T]here is no longer an active threat.” In a post on Facebook, the Martin County School District stated that both students and employees were found to be safe, and that the matter had been settled by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. “We would want to express our gratitude to our families, colleagues, and the community for demonstrating patience, collaboration, and understanding throughout this difficult time.”

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