Mark Lippmann Obituary, Scarsdale NY, Mark Lippmann Has Died – Death

Mark Lippmann Obituary, Scarsdale NY, Mark Lippmann Has Died - Death

Mark Lippmann Obituary, Death – It has been reported that Mark Lippmann, who resided in Scarsdale, New York, passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a bereaved family. His wife, the devoted Debbie West-Ricciardone, was his spouse, and he is survived by his two stepdaughters, Tiffany and Vanessa Kurchner; his stepfather, Brian Coscia; his brother and sister, Dylan and Nikki; his grandsons Jaxson and Zachary; and his stepmother. His spouse was Debbie West-Ricciardone.

In addition, his niece Autumn and nephew Jayce, his aunt Jeannie (Bill) Fitzpatrick, his uncles Peter and Al (Lisa), his cousins Cecelia and Lew Rosengrant, and a large number of other relatives and friends. His maternal great-grandmother, Mary Ricciardone, his maternal aunt Arlene, his maternal uncle Guy, as well as his maternal mother, Norma Coscia, and his maternal in-law, Tess West, all left the family before he was born. His maternal mother was also his maternal in-law. He was the final surviving member of his family.

Before his maternal in-law, Tess West, who was also his maternal grandma, passed away, his maternal grandmother had already left this world. The passing of this guy will cause sorrow for each and every one of his countless friends, of whom he had so many that it would be hard to enumerate them all individually. He was a very successful businessman who was in charge of his own company, which was referred to as Mark Ricciardone Tile and Stone, and did it in an extremely capable manner.

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