Marc Giles Obituary, Marc Giles Has Passed Away At Age 34 – Death

Marc Giles Obituary, Marc Giles Has Passed Away At Age 34 - Death

Marc Giles Sims Death, Obituary – The person whose corpse was found over the weekend in a Dayton drive-thru has been identified, and the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death is ongoing. The body that was discovered adjacent to the Fortune Drive Thru was recognized as having belonged to Marc Giles-Sims by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. Marc Giles-Sims was a resident of Dayton and was 34 years old when he passed away. It was approximately 9:10 a.m. on Saturday when the Dayton Police Department was called to the 3500 block of West Third Street in response to reports of a possibly deceased person in the area.

Initial chatter on the emergency scanner indicates that the department was dispatched there at approximately that time. According to Sergeant Creigee Coleman of the Dayton Police Department, a vehicle observed the individual and afterwards notified the authorities A search for public records led to the discovery of a 911 call in which the caller indicated that he was a rideshare driver and that he had just dropped someone off prior to discovering the dead. The caller also stated that he had just discovered the dead before dropping off the other passenger. The person who made the call to dispatch stated that they observed a spent casing from a gunshot and a bullet wound in the back of the body.

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