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Lula Franks

Lula Franks Death, Obituary – She passed away on January 14, 2023, at the home that she and her husband, Lula Belle Ledbetter Cohoon Franks, had shared in Lula Belle Ledbetter Cohoon Franks. Her husband was also named Lula Belle Ledbetter Cohoon Franks. The chapel at Hamilton Funeral Home will be open for guests beginning at noon on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, and the service will begin at one o’clock in the afternoon. The funeral will be held on the Wednesday after the New Year. It has been decided that the Barnesville Cemetery will be used as the ultimate resting place for those who have passed away.

There are members of the Cohoon family who survived, including Wendell Cohoon and his wife Rita, Randall Cohoon and his wife Tammy, and Bryan Cohoon and his wife Danyel. All of these couples are related to one another. Three of Mike and Bonnie Lindley’s daughters are named Dejawant, Bonnie, and Dejawant to Mike Lindley. They already have 18 great-grandchildren, and they are anticipating the arrival of two more in the not too distant future. Natascha Cohoon, Steven Cohoon, Jennifer Gillette, Joshua Mitchell, Brittney Corbett Johnson, Wil Corbett, Ty Corbett, Alex Cohoon, Skylar Cohoon, Greg Pannell, Amanda Stidham, and Ashely Pannell are the names of their grandchildren.

Sue West is the sister, and she is the aunt or paternal grandmother of a significant number of children. Sue West has a large number of nieces and nephews.
Both of her former husbands, Robert (Bob) Cohoon and Junior Dock (Buddy) Franks, as well as her parents, had left before she did. Her parents both passed away before she did. Sherry Belinda Cohoon is the name of the young lady that was born into the Cohoon family. The foundation for the Ledbetter family was built by George and Jema Ledbetter, who are known as George and Jema Ledbetter.

A list of the Ledbetter brothers’ names is provided below for your convenience: In addition to Dexter (Nell) Ledbetter and Bobby (Dean) Ledbetter, members of the Cohoon family are as follows: Sisters: Louise (Ector) Goodson, Geraldine (Orville Wisett) (Leon Dempsey) Winsett Dempsey, and Christine (Bob) Rentschler, Brandon Avery Brandon Cohoon is the great-grandson, and Keith Cohoon is the grandson of the ancestor.

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