Logan Hastie Obituary, 13-year-old Logan Hastie Has Sadly Passed Away

Logan Hastie Obituary, 13-year-old Logan Hastie Has Sadly Passed Away

Logan Hastie Obituary, Death – The news of our son Logan Allen Hastie’s departure from this life has left us not only with great sorrow, but also with a sense of relief. We are flooded with both of these emotions upon receiving the news. After fighting the disease for close to three years, Logan’s body finally gave up and succumbed to the synovial sarcoma that had taken over control of his lungs. Logan died. Even his synovial joints were infected with malignancy and had to be removed. At this very moment, he is free of all of the misery and agony that he had been through during his life.

The life that Logan led was absolutely exceptional and packed with a diverse array of possibilities and experiences from all walks of life. He went to every continent, fished and hunted in some of the most remote locations on the earth, and raced motocross as if it were the realization of a dream he’d had since he was a kid. Every single second of Logan’s life was treated with the utmost respect and admiration by him. In his brief life of only 13 years, he experienced more than the great majority of people do in their whole lifetimes combined. He solely lived in the United States. He was the bravest and most stalwart young guy that anyone could ever hope to have the honor of getting to know.

He was an inspiration to everybody. His understanding and expertise are far superior to anything that a professor could ever hope to pass on to students in a classroom setting. I want to wish you a good night filled with peaceful sleep, my little one. No more discomfort. You need to be conscious that everything is going to be okay, and that Grammy will be waiting for you in the hereafter so that the two of you can be together again in the afterlife. Till we meet again. I love you.


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