Linda Waller Obituary, Linda Waller Has Passed Away – Death

Linda Waller Obituary, Linda Waller Has Passed Away - Death

Linda Waller Death, Obituary – The authorities that are in charge of the investigation into the incident have made public the identify of the deceased man whose corpse was discovered by police on Wednesday inside a residence in Freeburg. The body was discovered by police on Wednesday. The officials claim that they are looking into whether or not the person who passed away was the victim of a homicide as part of the investigation that they are doing. According to a press statement that was disseminated by the Freeburg Police Department, officers from that agency were sent to the Deerfield Trailer Court on Wednesday evening at approximately

7:52 in order to carry out a wellness check on the residents who were located there. The statement was distributed by the Freeburg Police Department. They found the body of Linda Waller, who had passed away at the age of 55, when they arrived. Linda Waller had reached that age. According to Calvin Dye Sr., who is the coroner for St. Clair County, it was decided that she had passed away at the scene of the collision. This was stated by the investigators who conducted the investigation. According to Mark Heffernan, who is the Assistant Chief of Police for the City of Belleville,

the Belleville Police Department was the one that requested a check be carried out at Waller’s residence. According to Heffernan, members of the Belleville Police Department had stopped a Ford F-150 pickup truck that was registered to Waller. During the investigation of the vehicle, the cops discovered information that led them to believe that the driver may have been involved in a confrontation that resulted in physical harm.

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