Linda John Obituary, 72-year-old woman died in a crash in Marion – Death

Linda John Obituary, 72-year-old woman died in a crash in Marion - Death

Linda John Death, Obituary – It was revealed on Monday that the woman who had been killed in a collision that had taken place the previous week in Marion was a local resident of Stanwood by the name of Linda St. John. The incident took place in Marion. The accident had occurred the previous week before the statement was made. St. John has spent the most of his seventy-two years in the Stanwood area. St. John’s vehicle was involved in a collision with a semi-truck that was going westbound on Highway 100 at the time of the incident.

St. John was attempting to turn eastbound onto Highway 100 from the southbound turn lane of East Post Road when the collision occurred at approximately two o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. St. John had injuries as a direct result of the incident that were considered to be life-threatening. The Marion Police Department issued a press statement earlier today, which was made available to members of the media. The statement contained the information that was just now being made public.

Even though Zachary Schemming was the one operating the semi-truck, he was nonetheless given a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device since he was the person in command of the vehicle. His hometown is the city of Racine, which can be found inside the borders of the state of Wisconsin. Schemming was born and raised there.

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