Laura Yarbrough Obituary, Lillington NC, Mourn Laura Yarbrough Death

Laura Yarbrough Obituary, Lillington NC, Mourn Laura Yarbrough Death

Laura Yarbrough Obituary, Death – A lovely day to honor the memory of our dear Laura Knox Yarbrough by lighting a candle. The knowledge that LaLa is everywhere around me and enveloping all of us in her love, beauty, and tranquility gives me an overwhelming sense of calm. Yesterday, as I was leaving Hospice, I drove across Jordan Lake and saw the most incredible cotton candy sky and two birds flying high in the sky. Laura and her father have reached new heights. What a beautiful celebration they enjoyed up in heaven the other night! Laurabelle, you are loved beyond measure by everyone. They estimate that I have between two and three months left to live. This cancer is not a buddy of mine. It’s possible that I’ll get lucky and have a little bit more, but I really hope it won’t be any less. Over the past eight years, I have put in a lot of effort to win this battle; some years and even some days have been simpler than others.

I will be eternally grateful to God for allowing me this time to see my babies grow, to be a better wife, to be the greatest of friends, to love on my nieces and nephews, and to grow my real estate job into a piece of my heart. These are all things I want more than anything in the world. I am very blessed to have found the most incredible friends who have become my sisters. 8 years is not the additional 50 years that I desire, but you get what you get and you don’t throw a tantrum well, maybe a very tiny fit sometimes.

Therefore, I am swallowing my pride and humbly begging you for one last favor as a mother to another mother, as a daughter to another daughter, as a sister to another sister, as an aunt to another aunt, as a friend to another friend. Will you please assist me in giving my family one more gift? I want to be able to face God with the knowledge that I done everything in my power to provide for my loved ones. It would mean an incredible amount to both of us if your generosity could assist in paying off a medical expense or a monthly mortgage payment. I just need to know that everything is okay with them. What mother wouldn’t want that for her child? Sincerely and from the depths of my heart, I cannot express how much I appreciate you loving not just me but also my family. We adore you in exactly the same way. Click HERE to visit Laura Yarbrough GoFundMe page

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