Kristen Huber Obituary Winnetka Illinois, Kristen Huber Has Died – Death

Kristen Huber Obituary Winnetka Illinois, Kristen Huber Has Died - Death

Kristen Huber Obituary, Death – Wheaton, Illinois was Kristen’s home throughout her childhood. She earned her diploma from Glenbard South High School in 1983, where she was a member of the poms cheering and tennis teams during her time there. Kristen attended the University of Illinois, where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and graduated with honors in 1987. Kristen was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and had a position on the panhellenic board during her time at the university. During her time in college, she held a bartending job at “Kams,” a popular and well-known establishment in her hometown.

After graduating from high school, Kristen relocated to Chicago, where she found employment with Kodak during the summer of 1987. After that, she found employment as a pharmaceutical sales representative with Bristol Myers Squibb in Chicago. In addition to that, Kristen volunteered her time as a “Big Sister” at the organization that would later become known as Chicago Lights (where she and her daughter Katie tutored students weekly in 2019 & 2020).

When Dan and Kristen first met in December of 1989 in Chicago, they fell in love almost immediately. They filled their time together by mingling their respective buddy circles, going on adventures, and putting down roots in Lincoln Park. They exchanged vows in the month of July in 1992. Kristen worked in sales, while Dan worked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade; despite the fact that they were both extremely dedicated to their respective fields, they counted themselves fortunate to spend so many afternoons together. Their life together was always full of wonderful friends and family members, and it was full of exciting activities.

Above all else, Kristen valued the time that her family spent together. She was always engaged in some form of gaming, be it card games, word games, board games, games played on her iPad, ping-pong, or Mahjong. Swimming, biking, going up and down the hills in Winnetka, playing golf, paddle, and pickleball, and working out to her YouTube video workouts in the living room were just some of the activities that filled her days. Kristen never passed up a chance to lie out in the warm sun and soak up some rays. She enjoyed spending time with her friends and family by the pool, as well as working in the garden and seeing the flowers grow to their full potential.

She never missed a day without picking up a book, whether it was a novel, a biography, a magazine, or her all-time favorite genre, World War II historical fiction. Her life was filled with travel during the course of the previous year; she went on vacations with her friends to the mountains and the coasts, and during the summer she took a journey of a lifetime with her family across Europe. Kristen has the most enviable and impeccable sense of style, and those who knew her will remember her as a vibrant person. A further aspect of Kristen that will live on in people’s memories is the altruism she displayed and the commitment she made to the many causes she cared deeply about.

For Kristen, her family constituted her entire universe. She exemplified both selflessness and strength in equal measure. Kristen was the kind of person who would give you a hug and a present, and she was the best friend anyone could ask for. She governed her life by the “golden rule,” which states that one should treat others in the same manner in which they would like to be treated. The only thing greater than Kristen’s smile was her heart, and everyone knew it.

Survived by: her husband Dan and their three children Katie, Andrew, and Bennett; her mother Margie Engdahl; her sister Tracy Engdahl and her husband Jim Taylor, as well as her nieces and nephews Ryan Wallace, Sean Wallace, and wife Kaylee Wallace; her father-in-law Daniel R. Huber and Patricia P. Huber; her brother-in-law John Huber and wife Margie Huber, as well as their children John, Brock, Ella, Mary

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