Kennedy Knowles Obituary, Friday night I-75 two-car crash killed 19-year-old – Death

Kennedy Knowles Obituary, Friday night I-75 two-car crash killed 19-year-old - Death

Kennedy Knowles Death, Obituary – On the evening of Friday, a collision on Interstate 75 involving two vehicles resulted in the death of a male passenger who was 19 years old and was traveling in one of the vehicles. The crash happened smack dab in the middle of the roadway. On the highway, the crash took place smack dab in the middle of the flow of traffic. The identification of the person who passed away has been established to be that of Kennedy B. Knowles, as stated by the report that was compiled by the Coroner of Fayette County. This information was supplied by the report that was presented by the Coroner.

It is believed that a collision took place in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 near to mile marker 111 on Friday evening about ten o’clock. It would appear that the incident took place on the roadway. The occurrence that was being looked into by the police in Lexington took occurred on Friday, as indicated by the documentation that was submitted by the department. It was reported to the police that a collision involving a pickup vehicle and a semi-truck took place, and the police have received information regarding the incident.

There is a good chance that the collision involved both of the vehicles that were seen leaving the scene. It is believed that Knowles, who was operating the pickup truck that was involved in the collision, was unable to maintain control of his vehicle and crashed into the semi as a direct result of the slippery road conditions. Following their investigation, the police came to the conclusion that Knowles was the individual behind the wheel of the automobile.

After conducting additional research, it was discovered that Knowles had vanished when he was a patient at the hospital in the United Kingdom to which he had been moved after being brought there. This information was discovered as a result of the ongoing investigation.

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