Kelsey Macgibbon Obituary Lakeville Minnesota, Learn more about Kelsey Macgibbon’s Death

Kelsey Macgibbon Obituary Lakeville Minnesota, Learn more about Kelsey Macgibbon's Death

Kelsey Macgibbon Obituary, Death – My hearing was the first sense to be affected by my condition. Then there was the sense that I had of being in equilibrium. a sensation of being detached from one’s body, immediately followed by the shedding of tears. Repeat. The strange and disheartening sensation that comes with the sudden awareness of a loss is common. When I first started working at Nerdery and was feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lonely, Kelsey MacGibbon became my friend just when I required her to do so. This was when I had just started working there and was feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lonely. Because we had developed the ability to communicate with one another solely through eye signals and were consistently in a position to make the other person laugh, we would soon reach the point where we could no longer stand to be seated across from one another in meetings.

Kelsey was the member of the group who was responsible for generating the most buzz. Nothing made her happier than being able to spend time with her nieces, nephews, and other close friends and family. Always ready for an impromptu hangout (we went to Top Gun: Maverick and she insisted that I wear her aviators as we walked to dinner afterwards), a lunch out, and a humorous conversation about TikTok or memes late at night.

Our most recent trip consisted of securing last-minute tickets to see Dave Matthews Band, attending approximately 80% of the event, and then discovering that Arcade Fire was also performing in the same city on the same night as Dave Matthews Band. After that, we missed the first song of Arcade Fire’s set but still managed to catch the rest of their performance by taking an Uber to the opposite end of downtown and purchasing $7 tickets to the concert (only missing the first song in their set, I might add).
What a beautiful individual who shone a light on the lives of everyone who was fortunate enough to know her. I refuse to accept it as true.

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