Katrina Brown Obituary, Katrina Brown Has Passed Away – Death

Katrina Brown Obituary, Katrina Brown Has Passed Away - Death

Katrina Brown Death, Obituary – The untimely death of a primary school educator has brought the community of Wayland closer together in a shared sense of loss. Students whose families attend Wayland Union Schools got a letter from the school district on Sunday informing them that their child’s teacher, Ms. Katrina Brown, had been in a car accident on Saturday, January 14, and that she was taken to the hospital. Since then, she has definitively gone off in a different direction. According to statements made by Tim Reeves, who serves as the superintendent of schools, Brown held positions as a literacy coach and a Title I teacher at both Steeby and Baker Elementary schools.

According to Reeves, grief counseling services are easily accessible to both students and staff members located anywhere within the district. In addition, students are encouraged to jot down a message for Brown’s family and drop it off at the front office of the school. Students need to include a note in which they discuss the impact that Brown had on their lives and how their lives were changed as a direct result of Brown. If a parent believes that their child could gain something from speaking with a school counselor, they are highly encouraged to get in touch with the school office that their child attends in order to make this arrangement.

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