Kaleb Bogan Obituary, 5-year-mother old’s charged with murder – Death

Kaleb Bogan Obituary, 5-year-mother old's charged with murder - Death

Kaleb Bogan Death, Obituary – The name of the youngster who passed away over the weekend and whose death prompted a police investigation into the circumstances surrounding their passing has finally been determined. The death of this child prompted the police investigation into the circumstances surrounding their passing. The fact that the infant had passed away motivated the police to begin their investigation, which in turn encouraged the probe. They were able to learn the name of the deceased child, which was Kaleb Bogan, as well as his age thanks to a GoFundMe account that had been established by members of the family in order to cover the costs of the funeral and burial.

In other words, they were able to find out the name of the deceased child. The funds in the account were intended to be used to cover the expenses associated with the funeral and the burial. Later on, the Tupelo Police Department released confirmation that the mother of the child, identified as Brianna Young, 27, had been taken into custody by the law enforcement officers. Young is 27 years old. Young has reached the age of 27. It is said that she is guilty of the horrific crimes of child abuse and child deprivation, all of which are felonies. She is also suspected of sexually abusing a child. Both of these accusations carry the possibility of a sentence of life in prison. Asking for a greater charge for the services was not completely out of the question to consider.

A court arrived at the conclusion that the amount of her bond ought to be one million dollars, and he or she issued an order directing that it be set at that level. According to Major Chuck McDougald, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, law enforcement officers were dispatched to a home on Gun Club Road in order to conduct an investigation into a death that had taken place on that property. Major Chuck McDougald said this was done in order to determine the circumstances surrounding the death. On the premises of the property was where the inquiry into the occurrence was carried out. The North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo is where the official registration of Bogan’s passing took place, as stated by Carolyn Green, who serves as the coroner for Lee County.

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