Justin Michael Obituary, Two Victims In Tuscaloosa County Double Murder ID – Death

Justin Michael Obituary, Two Victims In Tuscaloosa County Double Murder ID - Death

Justin Michael Death, Obituary – With the assistance of other law enforcement agencies, the Violent Crimes Unit of Tuscaloosa County was able to identify two suspects and track them down in Lowndes County. The victims were named as Justin Michael Whitfield, 23, and Destin Rashard Holley, also 23, both of whom were in their 23rd years. Both individuals originated from the Montgomery, Alabama area. The suspects were identified as Keondre Jazel McCall, 19, and Mance Quinnell McCall Jr., also 19, both of whom are also from McCall. Both of the accused hail from the Montgomery or Lowndes County region of Georgia.

Both of the suspects are related to each other through the relationship of cousins. Following a series of interviews, as well as an analysis of all the facts and evidence that are currently known, both have now been charged with Capital Murder, and their bonds have been denied. The Fosters neighborhood was the location where the investigation into the crime began on Sunday morning. At that time, it was unknown whether the two events were related to one another; however, the VCU began working under the presumption that both scenes were homicides and likely related to one another.

At around 6:15 in the morning, deputies from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office were sent to a call that was located at the 62 mile marker eastbound on I20/59. That is located on the highway in the neighborhood of Fosters. The caller stated that they had a feeling that they had run into someone while driving down the road. This caller came to a halt and waited for deputies, at which time they were completely cooperative. After arriving on the scene, deputies determined that a deceased person was located in the roadway and had, in fact, been struck by a vehicle.

Along with the deputies, ALEA Troopers were also dispatched to the scene to conduct an investigation into the collision. The fact that evidence was located at the site allowed investigators to quickly come to the conclusion that the victim’s death was not the consequence of being hit by the bystander. The inquiry was handed over to the Violent Crimes Unit so that they may continue their work.

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